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Other than its fluffiness and little details, another thing I love about Cyrano is how well they weave the missions with the main characters’ developments. This episode hit me in all the right feels with the client’s story. I admire thr girls courage, this is what love can do to a person. Sure, he is the brother of the dead friend who was engaged to first love.

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Gracie returns to the quiz show and the Quizmaster realizes she is the old Gracie. Wanting to sell the sponsor’s product, the Quizmaster gives Gracie an incredibly easy question, which she answers incorrectly. Ralph thinks that Ronnie was trying to make time with a girl he really likes and the two have a brief falling out.

Mrs. Sohmers has decided to move to California and is going house hunting in Pasadena because she doesn’t want to live near Gracie. As part of his college fraternity initiation, Ronnie must say and do the opposite of what people would normally expect. Because Blanche isn’t home, Real Estate Agent Mr. Armstrong speaks with Gracie and she believes that the Morton’s are moving to Pasadena. Gracie decides she will have to move to Pasadena as well and asks Mr. Armstrong to put her house up for sale. She tells this to Mrs. Sohmers and not wanting to move where Gracie will be, Mrs. Sohmers asks to buy the Burns house.

Marie proposes marriage to Ronnie so she can stay in the country. Ronnie panics and tells Gracie he wishes he wasn’t 21 anymore. Gracie and Blanche see Mr. Syms at the Bureau of Records. Gracie gets Ronnie’s birth certificate changed to say he is only 14 years old. Marie comes by to tell Ronnie she was only joking about getting married.

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Gracie, with Blanche posing as a Professor, try to talk Mr. McAfee into leaving Brian in school. John Launer appears as Mr. Cifford the Desk Clerk. Judi Meredith assumes the recurring role of Ronnie’s girlfriend from Texas, Bonnie Sue McAfee.

Gracie hires Mr. Chapman , a special effects man. Jack comes by and Gracie and the rest audition their parts including costumes and having snow special effects in their home. Jack decides to make his picture with someone other than George and George is not happy with his friends and family.

Harry von Zell witnesses the fight and tells George. George, knowing what is going on, says they need to get the girls back together. To do this, George suggests von Zell go and start a fight with Harry Morton to show the girls how silly it is for friends to fight.

Old vaudeville partner Danny Goodman visits George. Gracie mistakes an old photograph of “The Jolly Jailbirds” skit George used to do with Danny, for the real thing. George does a monologue about seeing people from long ago and performing with Danny. Blanche tells Harry that George has a prison record. Rather than asking George directly about the photograph, she takes it to the Beverly Hills police station to get answers about George’s past.

Not knowing it is just dialogue, she concludes that she is the object of his affections and tells Blanche what she heard. Blanche says that Gracie must have misunderstood what he said. But then Bob says something else that makes Gracie think he is after her. Something von Zell says leads the Morton’s to believe Gracie. Everyone is telling George to fight and he doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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Dating Agency: Cyrano

Mr. Strickland then arrives and George let’s everyone know he’s signing for the boat. Hugh Sanders appears as Mr. Kendall, boat salesman. Gracie is going out to lunch with Ronnie, so George asks Blanche if she’ll go out and have lunch with him.

It actually became one of my favorites compared to the other dramas I was watching at the time. I’m actually surprised by how well Sooyoung did in this drama.. You don’t see many idols who can act well, so watching her was very refreshing and fun. He was good in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and he was good in this. He was actually one of the reasons I started watching this drama. I don’t think I’ve ever watched him in anything, but he is a really good actor, so I may be on the lookout for more of his work.

George stops the show to explain how Fred Clark is no longer playing Harry Morton. Morton explains to Blanche why he bought the deer. Harry tells Gracie she should get some insurance on George in case he has an accident. Arthur Stebbins , the insurance man, suggests to Gracie that George see an eye doctor first. Joseph Kearns, who portrayed an unnamed eye doctor in Season 2, returns as Doctor Merkin to examine George’s eyes.