The Best Key Finder Review & Buying Guide In 2020

I suppose this makes sense since I’ve seen many surveys that say women are more likely to use sex toys than men. According to the website, they focus on products for submissive males—from chastity cages to the most extreme CBT devices. And the company offers a wide range of other products for men beyond that. The Bluetooth Tracking Device by TrackR is ideal for finding a wide range of small items, including keys and phones.

A 7-second chime plays and then repeats two more times, helping you pinpoint exactly where your keys are. As Good Housekeeping’s Chief Technologist & Executive Technical Director, Rachel Rothman oversees testing methodology, implementation and reporting for all Labs. She oversaw the testing of the above Lab-recommend picks and lent her expertise on key finders to this guide. After checking out our top picks, keep reading to learn more about what a key finder is, what to look for when shopping for one and our process for testing the best key finders. It’s a robust box-like device that attaches easily to a dog collar and comes in snow, coffee and midnight blue colourways. It feels sturdy enough to withstand any unexpected zoomies or moments of escape, and is packed with a bunch of features to boot.

Price (RRP): $47.49

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One thing that I like about KeySmart is that it works perfectly as-is. That said, it does offer several different optional accessories. The smallest keys I found to work with KeySmart are the tiny ones designed for use with the padlocks that are used on a trailer or shed. They’re about as small as any key can be, so there just about isn’t any key too small to be used. KeySmart ensures that they can get quick access to any of the keys that they need in seconds and that they still have room for any personal keys they carry. However, despite these positive attributes, the XY3 underperformed our top picks across the board.

Retrace your steps slowly, checking all possible hiding places along the way. Check if anyone has seen your keys and thought to put them away, most of the time things get lost because other people try to be helpful and put them away somewhere different. Light – many key finders contain flashing lights and beeping noises to help you find your item.

✔SPIRAL KEYCHAIN APPLICATION:keychain bracelet coil is very good to hold your key,Comfortably On Your Wrist.Great For Work, Security Id Badge, Gym, Pool Or Beach. They Are Widely Used In Home,Office,Workshop,Shopping Mall,Sauna And Other Outdoor Place. German leather brand Montblanc has created a range of timeless keyrings that combine their immaculate leather and metal working skills. Available in a few different styles and colours, any Montblanc keyring just screams elegance. However, Tod’s keyrings, much like the shoes, are well-crafted with leather and feature minimalistic yet classically elegant design. Your keys will look incredibly sophisticated when hung on a Tod’s keyring.

While neither of these criteria actually affects the operation of your key finder, they do influence how comfortable it is to use. If you often lose your keys, you will undoubtedly want your new device to be small enough to take along without bothering you. Choosing a model that is too heavy may result in you leaving it aside after little time. If you want your key finder to use smart object detection, buy a model with at least Bluetooth 4.0. This is the minimum version with which the technology can work, and you should opt for Bluetooth 4.1 if you can.

If you’re looking for a “smart” device that can integrate with other devices such as phones, laptops, or virtual assistants, this is not the right choice. The Cube Pro is one of the most Fruzo expensive key finders we’ve seen — especially considering that the package only includes one device. It is also one of the heaviest models we tested and will bulk out your keyring a bit.

For people who don’t want to use a smartphone, other key finders use radio transmitter technology to connect a device tag to a small remote instead of a phone. Simply click the remote and the device tag, which you attach to your key ring, beeps loudly to help you find your keys. Using Bluetooth technology, Tile Mate works within a 250-foot range of your smartphone and features a non-replaceable battery that can last up to three years. The device can also connect to Alexa, Siri and other voice control systems for easy key finding. New users can opt into a premium subscription for additional features and free battery replacement. The key finder is a device that helps people locate their keys, wallet, or other important items by emitting an alarm when they are nearby.

It has four color-coded receivers and a four-button transmitter that sits in its own stand. The receiver creates sound and light to help you find your items and have a range of up to 30 meters. The radio frequency can easily penetrate walls, doors, and soft furnishings. The Click ‘n Dig Model F6 Key Finder is ideal if you need to be able to find more than one set of keys. The pack consists of six receivers and one transmitter with six buttons, each color corresponding to one of the receivers.

RF key trackers operated by remote transmitters often contain an LED light for just such a purpose. Once you push the button to sound the alarm, use the transmitter as a flashlight to find your keys and other misplaced items. Bluetooth key finders use the location services on your phone to show you the up-to-date location of your keys. Your app first creates a Bluetooth signal between your phone and your keys and then connections to the phone’s location services to provide a map location of your keys. The app cannot work effectively if your location services are switched off.

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Some companies also offer the use of their entire network to find your fob. If any person within the company’s network of users is near your fob, their phone can pick up the signal and pass the location information to you. While some people might like this feature, others may find the technology somewhat invasive.

In our review, the models that include this function are the Nutale, the Kimfly, the Cube, and the Chipolo. We found this to be a fun and innovative way to take selfies or photos in general. Within the category of Bluetooth-based finders, we found a lot of differences between the apps. For this review, we chose our In-House Senior Review Editor Ross Patton. Before joining us full-time at GearLab, he worked in product research & development in the snowsports industry for ten years.

Key organizers are mainly made of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or leather. All of these materials are pretty good, some though are going to be cheaper than the others, but all of them merit a recommendation. If you’re looking for a durable construction, you cannot really go wrong with stainless steel. Many happy testers praised the sturdy construction, the rugged look, the concept.