The interest in the study of rhythm, in its multiple configurations and understandings, has been fluctuating, with periods of intense interest, others in which it barely appears in the academic sphere.Currently, we are witnessing a growing attention to the notion of rhythm and the consolidation of this emerging field of study, as evidenced by the proliferation of publications in the last two years, as well as research projects or events dedicated to rhythm and its analysis. The first International Conference on Rhythm in Art was held in Buenos Aires in 2019 from which resulted  the book Estética y Política del Ritmo (Coelho & Zorrilla 2020).
In this second edition, we also open an international call for papers dedicated to the study of the relationship between rhythm and art. Rhythm is a central element in the creation of meaning in art, and its configuration is such that it requires a multi, inter and transdisciplinary approach. The difference in materials, procedures and events masks the resemblance of rhythmic phenomena that are similar in different arts and hides their identity or their homology. In the work of some scholars, the concepts do not seem to belong to a particular artistic discipline, being rather characteristic of the rhythmic phenomenon.
The objective of this conference is to provide an instance for the exchange of knowledge, concerns and aspirations for those who have been devoting themselves to the study of rhythm and artistic creation on the subject. Despite the numerous digital platforms through which authors communicate their research and can be accessed by interested people, we consider it necessary to create more opportunities for interpersonal exchange, where ideas can be debated face-to-face and exposed to public discussion. This conference aims to be a space for these meetings to take place.